Simikot Kailash Trekking

kailash trekSimikot - Mt. Kailsh trek is an alternative to visit Mt. Kailash & Mansarovar for those who prefer walking thorough scenically and culturally places of Nepal and Tibet. The trip begins with flight to Simikot from where a 6 day trekking is accomplished in Nepal to the Tibetan boarder. Trekking in the remote western part of Nepal and high mountains offers the sheer experience of high mountain lives and magnificent views of green river valleys, water fountains, sheep / yak herds and their extensive pasture land, snow capped mountains. Tibetan guide awaits with 4 – WDs at Sher for the forward journey to Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar.

For Tibetians Mt. Kailash is known as Khang Rimpoche ( Precious Jewel of Snow ) which symbolizes the navel of the world where one of the saints of Tibetan Buddhism, Milarepa spent years meditating in a cave. For Hindus Mt. Kailash is the earthly manifestation of Mt. Meru, the spiritual center of the universe and the abode of Lord Shiva and his consort Parvati. Jains worship it as Mt Ashtapada, the peak from which the religion's founder, Rishabanatha, achieved spiritual liberation.

By virtue of being a symbol of reverence for several religions, pilgrims have visited Mt. Kailash and Mansarovar to achieve enlightment and cleanse themselves of sins of their lifetime. For westerners the trip is culturally and scenically rewarding to make their one of the best treks in their life time.


Day 01:
Arrival in Kathmandu and transfer to hotel.

Day 02:
After breakfast, half day sightseeing tour of Kathmandu: Pashupatinath, Bouddhanath, Swayambhunath. After lunch final preparation for the journey / yatra, checking of equipment and assisting of renting or buying of gear if needed.

Day 03:
We fly to Nepalganj which lies in the far south of Nepal. Overnight Nepalganj.

Day 04:
We fly to Simikot (2960m) in the morning. We meet our trekking crews and commence trekking after sorting out the loads. We gradually climb in the rocky trail passing through barley and wheat fields to a forested ridge from where we descend and arrive at Dhara Pokhari for the camping.

Day 05:
We pass a long scree slope and climb over a ridge to reach Kermi. We walk through a spare pine forest and descend to Salli Khola (2700m) for the night camping.

Day 06:
We cross several ridges and pasture lands and arrive at Muchu (2920m).

Day 07:
Muchu is a culturally significant place, we take rest here for acclimatization and also to explore the village.

Day 08:
We climb gradually to a ridge and then walk along the stream bed and then climb steeply to approach a high pass, but we cam below the pass at Sipsip (4330m):

Day 09:
We further climb steeply to reach the top of Nara Lagna ( 4580m. ) from where we get the views of the Tibetan Plateau. We descend to Hilsa (3720m).

Day 10:
We cross Nepal / Tibet boarder and meet our driver to proceed further by driving. We pass through Khojar Nath ( temple of Hindu god and goddess ) and arrive at Taklakot (3930m).

Day 11:
Rest day for acclimatization

Day 12:
Today we visit Mansarovar ( 4558m. ), the highest lake of fresh water with turquoise complexion. Mt. Kailash, Mt. Gurula-Mandatha and Lake Rashekshi are scattered around. We spend the night at Chu Gumba.

Day 13:
Hindus enjoy the morning bath in Mansarovar and do puja to purify themselves. We drive 40 km and arrive at Darchen to start Kailash Parikrama.

Day 14:
Today will be an exciting day walking along he rocky cliffs, water falls and frequently Mt. Kailash will be peeping you. It will take 6 – 7 hours to walk 15 km to arrive Dehara Puk ( 5000m ).

Day 15:
This will be the hardest but most rewarding day for the blessing seekers as well as spiritual and nature enthusiasts. We pass Yamasthal and approach to Shiva – Sthal ( Shiva's abode ) at the top of Dolma – La Pass ( 18600m. ). Hindus do the holiest offering from here and all travelers sit here and meditate to be assimilated with nature . We descend passing through Parvati – Sthal and Gauri Kunda and arrive at Zuthal Phuk which is known as the cave where Milerapa had performed miracles.

Day 16:
After walking for 3 hours we will meet our driving crew and drive to Manasaovar which ends the Kailash Parikrama.

Day 17:
Drive to Paryang (277km) 7-8 hr.

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